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Our mission is to reach to the top of national provider of home entertainment based on cable television and other additional services.


Let Satisfying the Customer

By: Andre Vincent Wenas, MM, MBA.
(Twitter: @ andrewenas)

 Began to attract customers ... after quite a lot, usually well
followed complaints or complaints from customers who often come to
office. How do we solve this dilemma?

Along with business development, the development of the organization (people and systems / structures) is to immediately compensate. It is normal
once, because the strength of a leader in business (a business leader) at the point
be given fixed. "The Great Leader" rather than contribute to creating
the value he actually destructive, or at least inhibit the growth.

Sensitivity to-business model that is where the revenue stream is obtained,
and how the structure and organization system works to create value-added,
and due to the limited spectrum of leadership, it needs to be sharpened and
synergized even assisted by a team strength.

How to ensure customer satisfaction (to meet their needs)
is imperative that the business model is crucial. Greg investigate the ten benchmark
Vance (Delivering The Goods: Developing Sales & Service Excellence, 1995) both
was to be observed carefully to ensure that the organization
driven by a mindset (mind-set) are congruent with the model

1. Outcome (result); be aware always that - ultimately - the
customer needs is an end product where the product or service
demonstrate the effectiveness of its performance. Simple formulation is the QCD (Quality, Cost,
Delivery). Quality must match (fit) with customer demand. Cost (in
eyes of customers is the price) should be considered a win-win for both parties.Time
receipt / delivery, or when a buyer looking for the goods or
services that are available.

2. Reliable (reliability); support systems must be ensured
befungsi in times of need. Especially for businesses that require service
sales in the form of maintenance, spare parts, to consultation on
use of the product.

3. Life (spirit), warm, friendly and the service friendly
customers. This applies to the aspects of people and systems. The system must
designed and updated (updated) in such a way that - in the eyes
customers - so friendly (user friendly), not complicated and wordy.

4. Empathy: This is the spirit of a genuine understanding of the needs of each
individual customers.

5. Suppliers are also reliable; do not forget that your business systems
actually a series of value creation process from various parties,
internal and external. Ensure that the suppliers are business partners
powerful tool that understands your business processes. So that they can perform the function
supply (inbound) quality. If necessary, they should be included in the
Your training programs.

6. Communication strength (strong communication); make sure all parties are
involved in the process of implementing the strategy provided with sufficient information content.
This is one of a team builder and motivational factors that are important groups.
Team members will feel involved, because it is believed to be involved and
Participants flow of strategic information.

7. Integrity: openness, honesty and fair treatment. Integrity also
associated with integration, which means that the unification (integration)
words with action. People often termed by: walk the talk.
That is, the inconsistency between what he was saying with his actions.

8. A sense of partnership (a feeling of partnership) with the
Your customers; to sustain relationships with customers, is the
place to share (to share) value system and even your aspirations to

9. Creative solutions in problem solving; remember that every customer,
in addition to its similarity also have the uniqueness of each. Many times you must
creative approach in the context of each customer's problems
(Or the corresponding segment), in addition to the generic approach for all customers.

10. Value (value); a benchmark price to be paid when expectations
met. In searching for the equilibrium point (equilibrium) price is indeed
concentrated influenced various aspects of value-added services, as well as the emotional aspects
market perception, etc., in addition to the direct costs of factors
(Direct-costs). Importantly, the price is pegged to perceived fair (fair)
by the share of existing customers (segments) the targeted market.

Well, get ready for success!

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