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Pekanbaru's Mayor Launches Smart Media
02 Juli 2011 12:01:03

Pekanbaru's Mayor Herman Abdullah on Thursday (07/01/2011) inaugurated the operation of the Smart Media as the Cable TV service providers in the City plus Internet at Kota Bertuah.

In his speech, Mayor of Pekanbaru said the presence of Smart Media which occupies an office in Jalan Tuanku Tambusai CNN Commercial Complex Block A Number 9 Pekanbaru is a good example in following the rapid technological advances. If technological progress does not continue to be followed then the public will Pekanbaru, far behind other regions. Smart Media and attendance will be able to contribute a great insight to the creation and advancement of Riau Province in general and Pekanbaru in particular. So in the future, Pekanbaru or Riau Province increasingly recognized both nationally and internationally.

Not forget the Mayor of Pekanbaru ordered that all Smart Media Management to manage their business so well that Smart Media will be the media quality, media savvy and a role model for cable TV service providers and Internet for the city of Pekanbaru.

Meanwhile, in a speech Operasinal Head Smart Media Pekanbaru, Budi Setianto describes briefly about Smart Media. He said, Smart Media was founded three years ago, or rather in August 2008. Smart Media comes with a focus as a company engaged in the service and the application of new technology in anticipation of the rapid advances in information technology and communications as well as the swift globalization of information.

And Smart Media unconscious and unable to deny, the world today are in need of information infrastructure and the availability of reliable communication. 
Internet and information dissemination needs of the more urgent. Therefore, Smart Media is committed to play an active role in the development of information technology infrastructure in the country especially in the city of Pekanbaru.
n line with our vision that puts Smart Media as a leading company in the field of multi-media services as well as its mission to provide best services to optimize the resources we have to build partnerships that synergize to participate in the building complete Indonesian man, he said.

The event ended with the signing and official ribbon cutting marks Smart Media operates in Pekanbaru. Attending guests legislators Pekanbaru, Kamaruzzaman, also from the Police, Army, A businessman Dedi Handoko , Peter Junaidi, Managing Director of Smart Media, Johan Wirawan, and sub-district Chief Payung Sekaki and village chief Labuhbaru Timur.

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